Central Florida Attorney Back in Prison for Defrauding Elderly Clients

Disbarred-attorney Linda Vasquez and her former husband, Ross Littlefield, have been sentenced to federal prison for money laundering after admitting in a guilty plea to "defrauding 'vulnerable clients' to fund their other businesses, buy real estate, make car payments and finance an extravagant lifestyle," as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. Linda Vasquez (formerly known as Linda Littlefield) was only recently released from two years of incarceration in state prison for the former couple's victimization of only one of their many victims. In that case, Linda used the credit card of one of her clients suffering from Alzheimer to fund numerous personal expenses including furniture for her law office and a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. The lax prosecution by the State Attorney’s Office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida (the same office that tried Casey Anthony) resulted in both pleading no contest to fraud, probation for Ross, and a couple years of incarceration for Linda.

"Although the families implored U.S. District Judge Anne C. Conway to impose the maximum sentence of 10 years, she sentenced" Ross to four years of prison and Linda to five years, according to the same Orlando Sentinel article. Linda and Ross were also ordered to pay almost $3 million to the 27 known victims, but it appears unlikely that the victims will actually recovery any significant amount of restitution from the criminal couple.

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