Credit Card Craftiness at the Craft Store


Hancock FabricsJust ran across this story about criminals replacing the credit card key pads at the cash registers at some Hancock Fabrics stores with fraudulent ones that stole pin numbers and other personal details of users. Here are some quotes from the Register

"Crooks planted bogus payment card processing terminals at multiple locations operated by the Hancock Fabrics chain store that allowed for the theft of sensitive financial data from customers, the company warned.

The personal identification number pads were stolen in August and September and 'replaced with visually identical, but fraudulent PIN pad units,' Hancock Fabrics warned in a letter to customers. 'As a result, certain account information and PIN numbers used at these locations may have been unlawfully acquired by third parties.'

Intercepted information may have included the name printed on the payment card, the card number, the expiration date, and the PIN if it was entered into one of the fraudulent terminals. The company recommended that customers review their account statements and credit reports."

The moral of the story? Watch your credit card statement for fishy charges.


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