The Life of Russian Hacking Networks

ComputerIn an interesting New York Times article, the author examines the basic functions of Russian cyber criminal networks and why they often go unpunished.

Here are a few quotes: 

Law enforcement groups in Russia have been reluctant to pursue these talented authors of Internet fraud, for reasons, security experts say, of incompetence, corruption or national pride.

Underscoring the nationalistic tone of much of Russian computer crime, one site [hacker site that exchanged credit card numbers to aid in credit card fraud] featured a cartoon of the Russian prime minister, Vladimir V. Putin, awarding medals to Russian hackers.'We awaiting you to fight the imperialism of the U.S.A.' the site said, in approximate English.

And on the darker side:

Computer security researchers have raised a more sinister prospect: that criminal spamming gangs have been co-opted by the intelligence agencies in Russia, which provide cover for their activities in exchange for the criminals’ expertise or for allowing their networks of virus-infected computers to be used for political purposes — to crash dissident Web sites, perhaps.

An interesting article, take a look.


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