Willful Blindness: The Story of US Banks Enabling Violent Drug Cartels to Launder Money

Not that this should be a total shock, but our banking system has played a large role in the livelihood of the violent drug cartels that are wreaking havoc along our border. Several banks, including Wachovia, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo have been implicated. Wachovia alone has admitted to mishandling $378.7 billion in illicit funds from 2004-2007, that's one third of Mexico's current GDP! For a good write up on the subject, check out Bloomberg.

And as a footnote, the lead investigator of the recent massacre of 72 migrants near the border is now officially missing according to an announcement by Mexican President Felipe Calderon today. Earlier media reports claimed the lead investigator's body was identified among more dead bodies that had recently surfaced, but his true status is unknown at this time. More available at CNN.


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