Triumphant Foreclosure Whistleblower Claims Bank Continues to Harass Her


Lynn Szymoniak, a South Florida attorney and foreclosure fraud victim who successfully challenged the corrupt banking practice of falsifying ownership records (such as notes and assignments) commonly referred to as “robo-signing,” is now being subjected to what she describes as continuing harassment from the very bank she exposed as perpetrating the fraud.


In 2008, Szymoniak’s home went into foreclosure as a result of medical emergencies which drained her income and assets. As an expert in fraud related matters, she had a hunch that the lost ownership paperwork which the lender mysteriously discovered a year into her foreclosure case might be fraudulent. When she began to dig deeper, she discovered that the signature of the supposed vice president of the bank foreclosing on her home appeared in many Florida foreclosure cases. To make matters worse, the very same signature was used by several other banks, effectively meaning the signing individual would have had to simultaneously been employed as vice president at each of these banks.


What Szymoniak uncovered was the pervasive fraudulent practice often known as “robo-signing.” Based upon this discovery, she filed a False Claims Act action in Federal Court alleging that the banks were systematically defrauding the federal government in connection with the use of federal funds in the residential mortgage lending market. She recently was compensated $18 million for her efforts in connection with this whistleblower claim through a large multi-part settlement.


Though Szymoniak’s original foreclosure was successfully dismissed because the bank was unable to prove its claim, it has now re-filed the foreclosure, once again attempting to take her home. Moreover, the bank is now subjecting her to uncommon discovery practices. The bank is deposing her former plumber, landscaper, and pool repair crews in what may be an attempt to smear her reputation or unnecessarily inflate her legal fees (the subpoena is available here). If you have been the subject of lender harassment or believe your bank has falsified records, contact Campbell Law at 407-900-4004 to discuss your options.

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