Wells Fargo Manual Introduced as Evidence of Foreclosure Fraud

Wells Fargo, the largest mortgage servicer in the nation, was unable to keep its infamous Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Procedure Manual from being introduced into evidence in a federal case (case number 1:13-ap-01553) before  Judge Allan L. Gropper of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. The recently exposed Wells Fargo manual appears to instruct foreclosure mill attorneys how to fabricate missing loan documents to foreclose on homeowners. In the case, the federal judge required Wells Fargo to provide the homeowner’s attorney “a witness to answer questions about the guidebook in a deposition” in addition to admitting the manual into evidence according to HousingWire, which quoted the homeowner’s attorney as follows:

[T]here seems to be a consensus that this manual sets forth the procedures in simple step by step fashion where magically all steps lead to corrected paperwork and, in my opinion, fabrication of documents which simply never existed until a lawyer points it out to Wells Fargo that documents are lacking…If Wells Fargo is in fact fabricating documents and involves the foreclosure attorneys in the process, the ramifications on the attorneys involved can be severe and in my opinion, if it’s in furtherance of fraud, none of the communications would be subject to attorney/client privilege.

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