Chinese Crackdown on Organized Crime

Yuan Mao EyesIn the eclectic political and economic system of China, a significant crackdown on organized and white collar crime has been in the works for the past few years. China's rich history from dynastic monarchies, a repressive communist revolution, to a capitalism-infused modern economy has long had a connection to the powerful semi-criminal organization commonly referred to as the Triad. In fact, underground groups were a powerful force in the overthrow of the dynastic system in China at the beginning of the last century. Has this relationship finally come to an end or are we witnessing a cleverly crafted charade?


A monumental, if not the most significant, development in China's crackdown on organized crime occurred Tuesday, with the beginning of the trial against Wen Qiang, the former head of police for the city of Chongquing. Wen Qiang is accused of looking the other way for gangs in his city, along with actually being an active participant in activities such as rape and embezzlement to the tune of 16 million yuan. If convicted, Wen Qiang could face the death penalty. Is this a turning point in China's growing corruption problem or just a symbolic movement? Only time will tell.


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