Part III: Raj's Bounty & the Galleon

GalleonIn the continuing story of the hi-jinks of Raj Rajaratnam, a new indictment was filed this past Tuesday by a New York Federal grand jury. Yet another player has been fingered in this fiasco, a consultant by the name of Danielle Chiesi. Though earlier allegations estimated Raj's ill-gotten gains at around $25 million, the new indictment puts the amount at closer to $50 million.


Just like in the TV shows, the truth comes out when people start squealing. In this case, a tipper (as in provided insider information to Raj) by the name of Anil Kumar has been cited as the source of some of this new information. In any event, the new indictment adds nearly 200 additional years to the time Raj faces. Looks like he's going to be visiting Bernie soon.


For more info see my first and second post on the subject.


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