Medical School Radiologists Defraud Medicare


Two radiologists at the University of Missouri School of Medicine were fired for falsely billing Medicare according to an Associated Press article. The false medical billing sparked an internal investigation by the University of Missouri and an ongoing federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The internal investigation revealed “that the two doctors falsely said they reviewed X-rays but instead relied solely on resident physicians, a violation of Medicare and hospital rules.” The internal investigation also found “that the university health system provided radiology services to Women's and Children's Hospital patients without physicians ordering those services.” The radiologists allegedly engaged in two common fraudulent medical billing schemes. The first violation was committed by making false certifications to Medicare that the x-rays were properly reviewed. The second violation was committed by submitting bills to Medicare for services that may have been medically unnecessary. Fraudulent billing of government healthcare programs is a pervasive problem committed by healthcare employees of every socioeconomic status, including well-paid radiologists at respected medical schools.

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