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Terrorists & Texas (hold 'em), Gambling and Terrorist Finance

At the recent conference Combating Cybercrime in Betting and Gaming 2010, a number of interesting topics were covered. Of particular interest to the author of this blog was the coverage of terrorist utilization of the internet for fundraising and money laundering. In an example of cyberterrorism, online gambling sites were used by three men, who were also accused of inciting terror, to launder millions of dollars that had been stolen through online check fraud and identity theft schemes. Appa...


Congressman William Jefferson Sentenced

It is now final, Rep. William Jefferson (D), of Louisiana, the notorious Congressman who froze a $90,000 bribe, was sentenced last Friday to 13 years in Federal prison. The prosecutors on the case had asked for 27-33 years, but still managed to get a sentence longer than any other Congressman has ever received.   When imposing the sentence, Judge T.S. Ellis III characterized Jefferson's acts as “a cancer on the body politic.” Jefferson's attorneys have ten days to appeal the sentence.  

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